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The determination of whether goods are objectionable will take into account the overall context of the goods in addition to certain specific characteristics. In relation to dolls manufactured for a sexual purpose, if the doll appears to be a depiction of a child under 18 years of age, the doll is considered to be objectionable and prohibited under Regulation 4A. Any accessories and instructional or descriptive material (including the marketing of the product) accompanying the doll, will be taken into consideration when the age depiction of the doll is determined.

You do not need large amounts of grapefruit juice or grapefruit to slow down your body’s ability to metabolize prohormones, and other medication and supplements. Even a glass of regular grapefruit juice could prevent your body from absorbing medications or supplements by almost 47 percent. Grapefruit juice’s effects on the CYP34A enzyme slowly wears off. Even 24 hours post ingestion, the juice could still prevent prohormone metabolism in excess of 15 percent. Therefore, get in touch with your doctor before administering prohormone supplements or merging grapefruit or its juice with any other supplement or medication.

Pcts steroids

pcts steroids


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